Equip your learners for the future 
with critical and creative thinking skills!
Equip your learners for the future 
with critical and creative thinking skills!
ThinkWise Programme Pack
(Digital edition)

Curriculum Guide: 50 daily lesson plans with exciting activities to introduce and develop 10 thinking strategies, including extension activities and suggestions for documentation of learning

Theory & Practice Guide: Contains the pedagogical and theoretical research that guided the development of the ThinkWise programme, providing strategies and practical tips to implement the programme effectively

Teacher Reflective Journal: Allows for teachers to reflect on their own learning and to record ideas and insights throughout their implementation of the programme

Learning Journal: Individual journals provide space for learner activities and opportunities to document their learning

Resources: Character puppets, flashcards, posters + windows sheet, story book, question dice & thinking cap templates, ThinkWise song

All for just US$ 299!

Your ThinkWise membership also includes:

  • Free webinars with the ThinkWise team: Learn how to implement the thinking strategies more effectively + a chance to ask questions directly to the authors
  • ​Free 5 session interactive online training (5 modules) 
  • 20% discount for Elementari: An online platform to read, write, code, share, and remix interactive stories using professional illustrations and sounds
  • ​30% discount for one-to-one consultations
  • Online training: Onboarding and implementation videos
  • ​​Accreditation: Individual teachers can become certified ThinkWise practitioners upon fulfilling the necessary requirements
  • Members-only online resources: New materials released regularly
  • Discounts & early access to events and publications
  • ThinkWise Educators' Community: Members-only Facebook group
  • Business licensing: Individuals can obtain rights for commercial delivery of the ThinkWise programme upon fulfilling the necessary requirements
  • Branding agreement: Preschools, kindergartens and enrichment centres can obtain branding rights as an official provider of ThinkWise
All for just US$ 299 !
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